Pandemic came at 'worst time' for Minor League Baseball

The impact of the cancellation of sports on Minor League Baseball due to the coronavirus pandemic has been profound.

With Opening Day behind us, and no games played, Long Island Native Gary Green, who is a managing partner of “Baseball America” as well as owner of three minor league teams, the Omaha Storm Chasers, Richmond Flying Squirrels and Montgomery Biscuits, says the league is feeling the impact.

"It's difficult," said Green. "This couldn't have come at a worst time as we ramp up with overhead and staff to get ready for opening games in April."

But the pressure of keeping teams afloat, financially, has been eased by recently enacted legislation.

"With the legislation that came on Friday especially the Payroll Protection Act, that really helps out big time. The way we're going to stay afloat is if our fans come out to support us."

As for rumors that the league could fold, Green says 'absolutely not.'

"Minor League Baseball is strong. Minor League Baseball is not going anywhere and we'll be fine as an industry. If there are teams that can't survive, Minor League Baseball will pull them up."