Pancake video stunt lands man in legal trouble

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A lot of bizarre things happen in Florida. Well, add one more to that long list. Kiaron Thomas set up a table in the middle of Memorial Boulevard and sat down to eat pancakes, syrup and all, on Tuesday.

It’s one of the city's busiest and most dangerous streets. Horns honked and traffic detoured around him. As the scene unfolded, his buddy, Travis Riley, shot video of the chaos from the sidelines.

"We believe in a higher power. God is going to look out for us, no matter what we do," said Thomas.

Shirtless and wearing green pajama pants, the 21-year-old ate his breakfast in the crosswalk of the eastbound lanes of Memorial Boulevard and Brunnell. Then, the 911 calls started coming in.

"I got a problem," one 911 caller said. "There's two guys sitting at a table in the middle of the crosswalk, in the middle of a green light eating pancakes," said the caller.

Officers who responded couldn't find him, but the video was posted on Facebook and Youtube – getting 90,000 views in three days – and made its way to Lakeland police.

"They can call it a prank," said Lakeland Police Department spokesman Sgt. Gary Gross. "I think it is just foolishness, and frankly stupid."

The group admitted afterward, they knew it was dangerous. They pulled the stunt to promote their social media pages where they showcase their rap music and comedy.

"It was dangerous," Riley told FOX 13. "But we live that kind of lifestyle."

Because his actions prevented vehicles from moving through the street, he was charged with placing an obstruction in the roadway and disrupting the free flow of traffic. He has a court date of April 25, 2017.