Overwhelmed shelter seeks new homes for dozens of cats and dogs

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The Ramapo Bergen Animal Refuge, a no-kill shelter in New Jersey, has been overwhelmed with dogs and cats rescued from recent hoarding cases.

Biscuit is one of many dogs brought to the refuge that now needs a good home. Many of the cats and dogs were rescued from homes overcrowded with animals.

The shelter rescued 45 dogs and cats from four hoarding incidents in the last five months and it led to expensive vet costs. Cats and dogs brought in are all spayed or neutered and given medical attention for wounds and diseases.

Though many of the cats and dogs here were abused or neglected the staff has treated their medical and behavior needs. They say they all they need now are new loving owners.

These animals come from horrific conditions and you would think they would be very impaired and problematic to put into loving homes. They come here they get treated for fleas and variety of health issues behaviors issues but, then,  they are ready to be adopted.