Over 1000 to honor woman who took gun from 11-year-old boy walking down suburban Chicago street

Bishop Larry D. Trotter, Senior Pastor of the Sweet Holy Spirit Church of Chicago, and Attorney Travis Richardson, Senior Partner of the Richardson Law Firm, will be joined Sunday by over 1000 Cook County residents in honoring a woman who took a gun from an 11-year-old boy on a public street.

The 4/23/16 confrontation was captured on video and has now gone viral throughout the world.

In addition, Mr. Earley Walker, Owner and CEO of W&W Towing Company, will present to Ms. Davis a free full day at a luxurious Chicago Body Spa.

The video which was recorded in Harvey, Illinois shows Ms. Stacie Davis confronting the 11-year-old boy on the sidewalk. Ms. Davis claims to have seen children behind a building where one of the young boys put a gun in his pants. After confronting the boy, Ms. Davis took the gun from the clearly agitated young boy.

“Clearly Ms. Davis is deserving of this honor. Her action on that day could have possibly saved the little boy’s life.” says Bishop Trotter.

The City of Harvey is also planning a special honor for Ms. Davis at the next City Council meeting.

“As a criminal defense attorney I know all too well of the countless homicides and police shootings that occur due to the presence of a weapon. Ms. Davis is a hero in our community and definitely should be recognized. I’m proud to join Bishop Trotter in honoring Stacie Davis” added Attorney Richardson.

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