Oscar Mayer now hiring Wienermobile drivers for 2020 class

Are you a recent college graduate? Are you motivated to enter the job market? Can you drive a 27-foot-long hot dog on wheels?

If the answer to those questions is "yes," "yes" and "I'll give it a shot!" (respectively), you’re exactly the type of candidate Oscar Mayer is looking for.

The Chicago-based company is now officially accepting applications for its 2020 class of Wienermobile drivers -- aka “Hotdoggers” -- to drive the highways and byways of the United States, acting as a “brand spokesperson” for Oscar Mayer.

“We’re eager to see who will cut the mustard in 2020 and travel the country on behalf of the Oscar Mayer brand,” said Matt Riezman, the associate director of Oscar Mayer, heard using a pun that Oscar Mayer employees almost certainly hear 10 times per shift.

“With 33 years under our belt, the Hotdogger job continues to be a highly coveted position," he added. "If you’re ready to celebrate our love of meats, drive miles of smiles nationwide and provide fans with an unforgettable Wienermobile experience, send us your resume!”

Oscar Mayer said it will hire a total of 12 Hotdoggers for one-year, full-time positions -- but be warned: Much like an overcooked hot dog, competition is going to be extremely tough.

During last year’s application period for the 32nd class of Hotdoggers, Oscar Mayer reportedly received more than 7,000 applications but hired only 12 people. Or, as Oscar Mayer claims: “It was easier to get into an Ivy League university [in 2019] than to get into the Oscar Mayer brand’s 32nd class of Hotdoggers.”

Once hired, the job promises a “competitive” salary, benefits, paid expenses and “team apparel,” as well as the opportunity to be a “mini celebrity" in small towns and big cities through event appearances and media interviews.

Candidates who make the cut -- or “cut the mustard,” as they should get used to hearing -- will start training in June at “Hot Dog High,” where fresh Hotdoggers will learn how to “become an expert in hot dog puns” (seriously) and drive the Wienermobile.

Applications are open between Jan. 6 and Jan. 31. Information on where and how to submit resumes and cover letters can be found here.

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