Operation Ceasefire marches in Paterson to promote peace, end gun violence

A Saturday morning peace march in Paterson called for an end to gun violence that too often tears the community apart. 

The march started with a prayer in Cobb park.  Paterson police and Mayor Andre Sayegh joined the group, "Operation Ceasefire" to promote peace.

"All if the shooting needs to stop.  Put the guns down! Put the guns down!" Frances Harrison with the ceasefire operation said. 

Harrison is the sergeant of arms for the Ceasefire of Paterson. She said this is the 16th year they’ve organized the march.

"What I need to see come together is not so much talk, we need collaboration," she added. 

The Mayor says he does recognize the challenges the city has had with the community.

"The lack of trust with the police department is a national challenge," Mayor Sayegh said. 

The day of rebuilding relationships with the community continued with an afternoon of bowling with the mayor and police officers.

"We want to repair the relationship we have between the police and the public, and we want to start young," the mayor continued.

The mayor said he’s also working on creating an advisory board with residents so they can give feedback and have a say in how officers police in the community. He added that says gun violence is currently down 40% compared to this time last year.