One-stop shop for medical care, social events for senior citizens

Getting old is never easy. But one New York-based organization is helping seniors enjoy their later years while allowing them to live in their own homes.

Seniors come to CenterLight Healthcare for enrichment, enthusiasm, and lots of attention. CenterLight is a groundbreaking company that provides long-term assistance throughout the five boroughs of New York City, Long Island and Westchester County. The goal is for seniors to live the highest quality of life while staying in their homes and socializing in their communities. They even receive medical care on site.

Dr. Sandra Nieves, a primary care physician, says CenterLight has a psych team, a dietician, occupational therapists, physical therapists, and more. every patient has a nurse assigned to their case.

Seniors tell me all this attention makes them feel special. Christina Howell says she has a good time here and says she doesn't know what would happen to her and others like her without the staff. Osborn Savage says he has a lot of fun going on trips and playing games.

And they make art. In fact, some very accomplished artists are amongst this group—like Monica Pompey. She has many paintings on the walls of CenterLight.

All around CenterLight you will find brilliance crafted by seniors. Their numerous accomplishments are greatly appreciated by their peers and the always exuberant staff.

Lillian Vargas says she and other staff members learn a lot from the seniors by talking to them and listening to their stories.

They have a lot to share and much more to accomplish, which is why recently CenterLight held its first IDA Awards. It stands for Impossible Dreamers Achievement Awards. This was the brainchild of CEO Ben Duster and his team.

CenterLight looks after people from many different backgrounds. The participants speak Arabic, Albanian, Chinese, Creole, English, Korean, Hindi, Punjabi, Russian, and Spanish.