Omarosa on Op-Ed writer, warning for women

Former White House aide Omarosa Manigault Newman says the mystery writer of a highly critical NY Times Op-Ed slamming the Trump administration is the chief of staff to Vice President Mike Pence.  She made the claim during an appearance on Fox 5's morning show Good Day New York.

"I went back and looked at all the emails," said Manigault Newman. "First of all, it sounded very familiar to me, the writing style. I went and looked at all the emails out of Vice President Pence's office, from his senior staff, and it seems to me that it came off the desk, possibly, from Nick Ayers, his chief of staff."

Why is she so certain?

"Because of the writing style. The choice of words. The tone of the Op-Ed is very consistent with Nick Ayers," said Manigualt Newman.

The former reality TV star who rose to fame on President Trump's 'The Apprentice' show secretly recorded her conversations in the White House. She released those tapes after her new book, Unhinged, was slammed by President Trump.

Manigault Newman claims the Trump administration is unraveling.

One of those recordings is that of an exchange with the President and another with Gen. Kelly, Trump's Chief of Staff.

"I would have never dropped the tape had President Trump not said my book was false," said Manigault Newman. "The chief of staff of the White House took me into the situation room to have an HR meeting which is highly unusual which is why I protected myself. Had I not recorded that you would never had heard him threatening me saying things will get ugly for me."

She has a piece of advice for anyone working in a "toxic" environment.

"In a White House where everybody lies, I took the dramatic steps of protecting myself. This is probably one of the most unprecedented White Houses, I previously served in the Clinton administration, I make no excuses or apologies. "

"If you're working in an environment with a toxic boss. If you're in an environment where people lie and back stab and all that, I would say to anyone at home protect yourself," said Manigault Newman. "Don't go into rooms with men who lock the doors and threaten you by yourself."