Officer jumps from helicopter, tackles suspect

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One suspect, who lead police on a chase, was finally placed in handcuffs when a police helicopter unit officer was able to jump out, sprint to the suspect, and tackle him to the ground.

It all began when police received a call at around 1:15 p.m., Tuesday that reported two men were attempting to gain entry into a home on Melwood Street. Police arrived just in time to witness both men in the act. That's when the guys jumped into a car and took off. Houston police pursued both suspects.

Aerial footage from SkyFOX helicopter shows one of the men, who wore a red shirt, running away from law enforcement officers. Police made an attempt to stop the suspect with a patrol car. The car struck him, stunning him briefly, but then he was back on his feet, still trying to run away. That’s when two officers flying the police helicopter above sprang into action

“We have decided and talked it over that if he went into that field he would probably have a good chance of getting away," the officers said.

The officers flying above quickly landed so officer Steven Borgstedte could  leap from the helicopter. He then sprinted, catching up to the suspect and was able to tackle him to the ground, allowing other officers to come in and make the arrest. Officer Borgstedte spent years patrolling the streets, and has chased criminals before, but this is the first time he has done so with the help of an aircraft "our air support division basically provides support for the patrol officers that's like having big brother there that's what we want to do is work as a team.".

"It's always good especially for the residents nothing got stolen we ended up catching the two suspects so it worked out good for everybody and no one got hurt.," said Houston Police Department Lt. Jonathan Gonzalez, who was pleased with the outcome.

Moments after the first arrest, the second suspect was taken into custody. One police vehicle was damaged during the chase with the rear bumper completely taken off. Charges are pending for both suspects.