Officer, bikers give bullied teen a ride to school

A Dallas police officer is coming through for a girl who is struggling with bullies.

When Officer Lamar Glass heard that 12-year-old Alyssa Wade was being bullied at Comstock Middle School he felt compelled to help. He posted a video online looking for people who could help give her a Christmas she’ll never forget.

People are now answering the call. Officer Glass and local biker groups surprised Alyssa Friday morning with a motorcycle escort to school.

The sixth grader’s mother said she is a little shy and taller than all her classmates. She is often teased and has been spit on. Aleisa Wade finally reached out to Officer Glass because he is a community officer in their neighborhood.

“Well, Miss Wade contacted me. I’m their community liaison and they have my personal phone number. She called me about her concerns and my goal is to put all my resources together in this community and make it as powerful as we possibly can. And with her outcry, I posted it and this is what we got,” he said.

The teen’s mother said she never imagined this type of response. It’s something her daughter will certainly never forget.

“If you are being bullied, say something. If you’re a bully, still say something. There is help,” Aleisa Wade said. “I didn’t know all these organizations. And these people that came out to support my child, God bless y’all because this was awesome today.”

In addition to the escort, a non-profit organization called First Stripe is organizing offers to give Alyssa a day at the spa, a new hairstyle, self-defense and confidence-building classes and even some special Christmas gifts.

The message is to stop bullying. To help or for more information, visit