Obama holds first post-presidential public appearance in Chicago

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Former president Barack Obama is back in town this week to make his first post-presidential public appearance at the University of Chicago.

The former president spent Sunday morning with at-risk young men on the South Side where he started as a community organizer.

Monday morning he will meet with young leaders to talk about civic engagement and community organizing. The conversation will take place on the University of Chicago campus at the Logan Center for the Arts at 11a.m.

“He's kind of reconnecting with his past as a professor here and I think that's wonderful,” said Walmy Sveen who works in a research lab on campus. “I think he wants to keep inspiring people.”

For the past three months the Obamas have been on somewhat of a political-public hiatus, spotted vacationing around the world. Kitesurfing with Richard Branson on his private island and rubbing shoulders with Oprah, Tom Hanks and Bruce Springstein on a yacht near Bora Bora.

The low-profile continues with his Chicago schedule.

“All of it was done through word-of-mouth, I only heard because I have friends who were like, ‘I got tickets to see Obama on Monday,’” said U of C student Teddy Knox. 

It is invitation only - seats are reserved for students from University of Chicago, Loyola, Chicago State and Northwestern.

You can watch the conversation with the president LIVE on Fox32Chicago.com