Oat milk is newest non-dairy trend

A relatively new dairy milk alternative is out there—oat milk. If you haven't heard of or tried oat milk, you're not alone. It only hit the U.S. in 2016 and is now becoming a bit more mainstream.

Oat milk is not new but it is trending right now as are all non-dairy alternatives, according to Jarrett McGovern, the co-founder of Rise Brewing Company, which has three shops in Manhattan.

The company also makes its own oat milk and incorporated it into a new line of canned nitro coffee beverage on sale in September. Jarrett says that oat milk tastes naturally creamy and combines well with coffee, tasting more like whole milk.

Gotham Cafe owner Sammy Khalifa only introduced oat milk two months ago. He said customers used to ask for almond milk a lot but now request oat milk more often. He said oat milk can be easily steamed for beverages.

But one customer said his go-to milk is banana milk. Yes, that is right—banana milk.

So not only is oat milk becoming more mainstream, but I'm sure banana milk will soon be trending as well.