Pro-Palestinian protestors block NYPD vehicle amid bomb threat response

Pro-Palestinian protesters reportedly blocked an NYPD vehicle as police responded to a bomb threat on Saturday. 

The NYPD says police were responding to a call about a grenade found inside an Uber just after 4 p.m. at West 42nd Street and 7th Avenue. 

Citizen App video shows the massive crowd blocking the NYPD vehicle as the NYPD tries to control the crowd.

Investigators determined there was no threat.

The protest started earlier Saturday in Washington Square Park. 

Demonstrators marched up 6th Avenue and ended up in Times Square.

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"In the United States we have a right to protest, but when you start taking over the streets and the sidewalks and pedestrian and vehicular traffic it’s no longer peaceful, and when you’re stopping emergency vehicles, whether it's police, fire, EMS, you’re risking other people's lives." retired NYPD sergeant Joseph Giacalone said.

The NYPD says 11 protesters were taken into custody.