NYPD tow truck driver charged in accident that left boy, 7, dead

The NYPD tow truck driver involved in Thursday's accident that left a 7-year-old boy dead in Brooklyn has been an arrested and charged, officials said.

According to officials, the 54-year-old driver, identified as Stephanie Sharp, has been charged with motor vehicle failure to yield to a pedestrian and failure to exercise due care.


Boy, 7, fatally struck by NYPD tow truck in Brooklyn

The accident happened near Myrtle Avenue and N Portland Avenue in the Fort Greene section of Brooklyn, the NYPD said.

The accident happened just before 8 a.m. near Myrtle and N Portland avenues in the Fort Greene section.

According to police, the tow truck was traveling west on Myrtle and was attempting to make a right turn on N Portland when it struck the boy – identified as Kamei Hughes, of Brooklyn – who was walking in the crosswalk with his mother on the way to school.

Antwoan Hayes, a witness, said the driver of the tow truck was speeding and on her cell phone when she hit the boy.

EMS responded to the scene, where they pronounced the boy dead.

Other witnesses said the driver did not stop until people ran up to the tow truck and told her she hit the little boy.   

Julie Sharpton, the tenant’s association president at NYCHA’s Whitman Houses, where the family lives, wants the NYPD to pay for the child’s funeral.  

"We need the police to pick up the funeral expenses, 100% for the parent," Sharpton said. 

Crystal Hudson is a New York City council member in Brooklyn.

"I think this is really more about how we hold the NYPD accountable, number one when they’re in the wrong and how do we make sure we have more crossing guards across the city," Hudson said. 

The community held a vigil Thursday night.