NYPD, oversight agency sign 'historic' agreement on discipline, transparency

A new agreement signed Thursday is aimed at making the NYPD and its disciplinary process more transparent as part of an effort to improve trust between the department and the communities they serve.

The agreement, signed between the NYPD and the Civilian Complaint Review Board, establishes disciplinary guidelines for officers found guilty of misconduct.

For example, it is expected that the use of excessive deadly force will lead to termination. Intentionally failing to turn on a body camera will result in 20 penalty days.

It also gives the CCRB more power.

"It's not perfect," said NYPD Commissioner Dermot Shea. "We've already heard some criticism about it. But it is something that I'm proud of. I think it's right."

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"The steps that this Mayor has taken, the work that we're doing with the police commissioner, with the input of the City Council, advocates and others, really helped to advance that trust," said Rev. Fred Davie.

Under the agreement, Commissioner Shea will still have the final say about an officer's punishment.

Brooklyn City Councilman Stephen Levin says that that means the agreement is basically worthless, and that he believes it should instead become a law.

"The Commissioner diverges from the recommendations of the CCRB or the trial court judge 71% of the time. That should not anybody any faith that this is being done fairly," Levin said.

One of the city's largest police unions is calling the agreement a political stunt by de Blasio.

"Rather than allowing police discipline to follow the facts, he is chasing the news cycle and once again making it harder for cops to do our job," PBA President Patrick Lynch said in a statement.

The new agreement will be evaluated each year. In 2021, it will be evaluated in August, however with a Mayoral election looming in November, if the city's new Mayor does not support the guidelines they could expire by the end of the year.