NYPD gears up for UN General Assembly

New York City and the NYPD are getting ready for the United Nations General Assembly next week.

The NYPD is working closely with the Secret Service, State Department, FBI, and UN Police to ensure that they are well prepared for any potential demonstrations, including addressing the ongoing migrant crisis.

"Any type of disruption to New York City is always on our radar," said NYPD Commissioner Edward Caban.

To ensure safety and security, the NYPD is mobilizing resources from across the department, including the use of drones for crowd monitoring and an increased presence of officers armed with long guns as a deterrent. 

"Every aspect of our department will be involved from patrol officers, the detective bureau, special operations including aviation, harbor patrol, emergency service, K-9, and more," Commissioner Caban said. 

As with previous General Assemblies, residents and commuters should anticipate major traffic disruptions and plan accordingly.