NYPD cops fatally shoot Bronx man; body cameras capture incident

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Police officers who were called to check on the well-being of a Bronx apartment building resident ended up shooting and killing him, an NYPD official said.

The officers responded to Pratt Avenue around 4 p.m. after a landlord called to say he hadn't seen a particular tenant in a long time. The landlord led the officers to a third-floor apartment and unlocked the door, Chief of Department Carlos Gomez said.

The officers then encountered a man with a knife in his left hand and his right hand behind back, Gomez said. The officers began talking to him, asking him to drop the knife.

Minutes later, backup officers arrived, including one with a Taser. They continued to talk to the man, who then revealed a gun in his hand, Gomez said. The officers told him to drop the weapons but he raised the gun at them, he added.

One officer fired the Taser while two other officers fired their service weapons, striking the man several times, Gomez said. The man died.

Police recovered the knife and the gun, which turned out to be an imitation weapon with a mounted laser sight.

Officers' body cameras captured the entire incident and that video has been secured, Gomez said. The police commissioner and the Bronx district attorney will decide if that video will be released to the public, the chief added.