NYPD captain left work after 2 cops were shot

An NYPD captain is accused of turning his back on the brotherhood. He apparently clocked out after learning two cops were shot last weekend.

The shooting happened near the end of Captain Scott Forster's shift. Instead of going to the hospital to be with his officers and helping coordinate visits for the families, he left, went home, and stopped picking up his cell phone. It's unclear why he allegedly did this. But now he is facing serious disciplinary action from the department.

Two police officers were involved in a wild shootout in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn. They ended up at Kings County Hospital. And while emergency crews from across the city responded, Forster decided it was time to go home. The choice cost him his badge and gun.

Retired NYPD Lt. Robert McKenna spent 23 years on the force. He described the actions of Forster -- who was at the end of his shift -- as callous.

Officer William Reddin was wounded in the hip during the shooting. Officer Andrew Yurkiw took a bullet in his protective vest. Both were visited by the mayor and police commissioner at the hospital, where Forster was supposed to activate the NYPD's "hospital plan." He has been placed on modified duty and could face disciplinary charges, including the possibility of a demotion to lieutenant.

We reached out to the Captains Endowment Association, which did not want to comment on the situation.

We should note that the suspect in this case, Jamal Funes, was also hit multiple times and is currently in critical condition. He allegedly fired at officers after ramming a squad car.

Investigators are also still trying to determine if one of the officers was hit by friendly fire.