NYPD Bratton slams media for crime coverage

NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton is blaming the media for some of the problems the department is having as of late. Bratton slammed the media during a news conference about crime statistics on Tuesday.

Using an expletive twice, Bratton was responding to accusations by an NYPD officer that the department is using the CompStat crime analysis tool to meet quotas.

"Bull****.  Bull**** is my response to that," Bratton said.

Officer Edward Edwin made the allegations in a recent NY Times Magazine article.

"That officer, one of 36,000, that may be his impression. He's entitled to that impression, but those are not the practices, policies and procedures that I am putting into this organization,” said Bratton.

The CompStat tool is showing that most of the uptick in slashing and stabbings are happening in the Bronx.  The NYPD has said that slashings and stabbings are up 20 percent over last year but the NYPD claims that only seven of the nearly 600 incidents were random in nature.

“Shootings and murders are down, so you’ve lost interest in that. When was the last time you reported on that?” asked Bratton.

It was a rare public explosion by the normally reserved police commissioner and overshadowed the release of an updated crime tool dubbed CompStat 2.0.

In a recent radio interview, and again at Tuesday's news conference, the commissioner blamed the media for the perception that the city is unsafe.