NYPD Bomb Squad hauls away CNN pipe bomb

A crude but operational pipe bomb was sent to CNN's New York City headquarters, the NYPD said. The FBI has the lead in the investigation. The feds and the NYPD have many tools to uncover who built the device sent to CNN as well as the bombs intended for the Obamas and Clintons.

The NYPD called in the Bomb Squad, which placed the pipe bomb in a white sphere called a TCV, or total containment vessel. In these situations, the Bomb Squad's goal is to remove any immediate danger of the explosive device while keeping as much of it intact for forensic evidence.

Police took the device to the Bomb Squad's facility in Rodman's Neck, Bronx, where expert cops will secure the bomb.

Sources told me that FBI investigators at an FBI lab will utilize link analysis to check similarities between the construction of this device and the others. They'll also look at the kinds of materials used and test for all types of DNA evidence.

Certain protocols in place for receiving packages for the former presidents did their protective job. Luckily, none of the pipe bombs exploded. How they were set to detonate will be high on the investigators' list.