NYPD announces new facilities for sexual assault victims

The New York City Police Department has announced the opening of the new Manhattan Special Victims facility at 137 Centre Street, along with renovations to the Brooklyn and Bronx Special Victims Division sites. 

"The significant facility improvements, increased staffing, enhanced training and new leadership within our Special Victims Division amplify our ability to respond effectively to survivors of all crimes, while continuing to conduct thorough and victim-centered investigations,” said Police Commissioner James P. O’Neill.

The Manhattan facility will feature a child-friendly waiting room, a designated interview room, renovated work space for investigators, a co-located Safe Horizon advocate beginning September 9, comfortable furniture designed for victims, and close proximity to the District Attorney. 

The Brooklyn facility now has an entire new wing, along with designated waiting room spaces with child-friendly space, two designated victim interview rooms, furniture and aesthetic upgrades and lobby improvements, including a buzzer to enter the building.

The Bronx facility will feature a large new designated child-friendly waiting area with natural light, a co-located Safe Horizon advocate beginning September 9, aesthetic and furniture improvements and renovated space for investigators.

Finally, renovations are also underway to expand the facility on Staten Island, which will include a new wing, proximity to the District Attorney, a designated child-friendly waiting and victim interview rooms, aesthetic and furniture improvements and a Safe Horizon Child Advocacy Center and ACS representatives in a connected space.

The Staten Island site will open by the end of 2019.