NYCHA finally fixing Brooklyn family's apartment

One day after Fox 5 reported about a family living in a crumbling Brooklyn housing project, the city is stepping in to make repairs.

A family in Bedford-Stuyvesant says they've been living in deplorable conditions for far too long. But one day after our camera visited their home, finally repairs are underway.

Kaourou, 13, says when the New York City Housing Authority neglected his calls for help he reached out to community activists. He says he was desperate to get rid of the leaks, mold and cockroaches that have been plaguing his family's home in the Tompkins Houses.

After we reached out to NYCHA on Thursday, work began immediately. A spokesperson said NYCHA is addressing every issue in the apartment to make permanent repairs. In the meantime, the family is staying in a vacant apartment on the 15th floor. They expect all the repairs to be completed within a week.