NYC top leaders join forces to slam anti-terror funds cut

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Several of New York City's top officials are joining Sen. Charles Schumer in criticizing a plan that would cut federal counterterrorism funding.

It would trim the funding for New York City from $180 million to $90 million. The money helps offset local municipalities' security expenditures.

"To cut funds for a city the federal government acknowledges is the top terror target is indefensible," said NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton.

He added that the money was vital to keeping the city safe. In Lower Manhattan Wednesday, the NYPD explained that the money is being used for more than 9,000 cameras, radiation detection devices, license plate scanners, and much more. These are all elements of what is called the domain awareness system.

"New York City is a top terror target. We are a beacon for freedom. We need every tool possible to fight terrorism," said Mayor Bill de Blasio.

The White House had said the plan still contributes "robust funding" to combat terror. But New York leaders warn the city's ability to stay on the cutting edge of the terror fight is under attack. Officials said they are vowing to fight the loss of that money.

“With ISIS-inspired attacks and terrorism on the rise all across the globe, we must make sure that America has the resources it needs to remain protected," said Sen. Charles Schumer (D-NY.)

"It makes no sense for the administration to slash critically needed anti-terrorism funding, especially at a time when we are all on high alert. I pledge to fight tooth and nail in Congress to make sure that UASI funds are increased in New York City and across the country," said Schumer.

Speaking during a joint news conference with locally elected leaders, Schumer said a vote on a Homeland Security appropriations bill would likely happen by June.

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