NYC principal hits the street to recruit students

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An elementary school principal doesn't need a recruiting office to fill her classrooms. She is taking matters into her own hands to attract new students.

Lisette Caesar roams the streets of East Harlem day after day. Caesar is the founding principal of P.S. 375 Mosaic Prep Elementary in East Harlem. But instead of spending her time inside the school, every morning she hits the streets trying to recruit new students to Mosaic Prep.

She has made a huge impact at the school, where most of the students live below the poverty line. This year Mosaic was removed from the state's list of low achieving schools. Caesar says she strives to make her school unique and get to know every family.

Neighbor Maria Deynes, who was walking by with her 9-year-old son, says she'd actually consider switching schools now.

Schools Chancellor Carmen Farina has also noticed Caesar's efforts. In a statement the chancellor said: "Our school system runs on the tireless work of teachers and administrators like Principal Caesar. We congratulate her on the work she's done to engage the community and improve student achievement." 

Caesar says she'll continue to come out here every day. She won't slow down. She'll keep handing out 200 flyers a day until the school reaches maximum capacity, which is about 450 kids.