NYC mystery? Porsche plunges from parking garage; wads of cash found on wreck

A mystery in the Bronx.

The NYPD is trying to figure out what happened after a Porsche plunged over the side of a NYC parking garage and landed upside down.

The vehicle somehow plunged from the second level of a Target parking lot – just west of the Major Deegan Expressway – and ended up upside down. Police found wads of cash, including $100 bills and a cell phone, on its undercarriage.

Sunday shortly after 5 a.m., police responded to a call reporting an overturned vehicle at 40 W. 225th Street.

The driver did not remain at the scene, according to police, who also said no injuries were reported to them. 

Authorities say they do not have any information about whether the Porsche was stolen or not.