NYC Parks Department: Stay off the ice

Using a couple of wooden ladders, a New York City parks enforcement officer shimmied his way across the ice of Central Park's Lasker Rink Tuesday to a spot where Parks Commissioner Michael Silver lay on his belly.

The parks commissioner played the role of a foolish selfie-snapping victim stuck part on, part below the ice of a not-quite-frozen city pond Tuesday afternoon. He and the parks enforcement officers demonstrated a tandem two-ladder rescue and encouraged all who spend any time near the water this time of year to stay off the ice.

"If you walk onto the ice, you can get hurt or even die," Silver said.

FDNY Assistant Chief Roger Sakowich recalled a series of ice rescues when seven people wanting to take a selfie on a frozen pond fell through the ice. He said he hopes to avoid any repeats in 2018 partially by dragging the parks commissioner across an ice rink in Harlem.

As hypothermia sets in and the victim's body numbs, he or she might lose the ability to grab a rope or a ring. So these officers train in a variety of different ice-rescue techniques, which they can avoid ever having to use if we all just stay off the ice.

"I'm encouraging people: Do not risk their life for a selfie," Silver said.

If one does encounter someone stuck on or fallen through the ice, the FDNY encouraged us not to attempt the rescue ourselves, potentially creating a bigger mess for first-responders, and instead to call 911.