NYC Parks Department: Please don't feed the wildlife

If you love wildlife, keep in mind you'll still be able to see animals in the parks in New York City but you may not be able to feed them for much longer.

Right now, city park visitors are allowed to feed birds and squirrels only but if a new proposal from the Parks Department is passed, you won't be able to feed any animals in the parks.

Dr. Robert DeCandido, a biologist in the Bronx, passionately disagrees with this proposal. He called it a "crazy idea" and believes interaction with animals is important.

"Yes—as education! If you get people involved with wildlife, even little birds on their hands, then the bigger picture: people know that there are birds native to New York City," DeCandido said. "They'll go out and see them and they'll enjoy our parks."

In a statement, a Parks Department spokesperson said the amendment to the rules will keep the parks "safe and clean."

"We think all New Yorkers should be healthy eaters, including our wildlife," the spokesperson said. "But, food left on the ground is an open invitation for rodents to congregate for a free meal."

The Parks Department will hold a public hearing at Marcus Garvey Park in Manhattan on Friday to give New Yorkers an opportunity to comment on the proposal.