NYC officials hold Bronx town hall on monkeypox

For one hour on Monday evening, residents in the Bronx shared their concerns over the city's monkeypox outbreak at a town hall meeting.

The virus has seized headlines across the nation, along with creating questions and confusion among those who are said to be high-risk and those who are simply concerned. 

Currently, New York City has over 2,300 confirmed monkeypox cases, with 310 in the Bronx. Cases in the Bronx currently lag behind Manhattan and the Bronx.

However, black and Hispanic male patients ranging in age from 25 to 44 who identify as LGBTQ make up nearly 55% of all recorded infections. 

Health officials cautioned Monday that infectious diseases never stay in the community they originate in.

The city is working on its vaccine rollout, but demand is far exceeding supply at the moment. The last time vaccine appointments opened up, they were filled within minutes.

At the town hall, the question was asked how the city can urge New Yorkers to get vaccinated if they don't have enough of the vaccine to meet the need.

However, city officials said they are working on it and are asking federal officials for more vaccines to meet the needs.