NYC not informed of military aircraft flyover

Just a few blocks from Trump Tower, a military plane was spotted flying over Midtown Manhattan Tuesday. New Yorkers were not notified ahead of time so it caused a bit of confusion.

The Air National Guard said the plane was on a "routine training mission." The FAA was aware of the plane's flight.

"The aircraft includes a HC-130 Hercules cargo plane and two Pavehawk (search and Rescue) choppers," said Eric Durr, a spokesman for the state Division of Military and Naval Affairs. "The aircraft was dispatched from the 106th Air National Guard base in Westhampton. The 106th's mission is search and rescue."

But no one told New York City officials.

"We normally receive notifications about flyovers from the FAA, and we then issue a Notify NYC message to let New Yorkers know about flyovers in advance," said Nancy Silvestri, the press secretary for the city's Emergency Management Department. "We did not have any information about this flyover before it occurred - if we did, we certainly would have issued an alert as is our normal protocol."