More migrants arrive, straining NYC services

On Friday morning, two more buses filled with migrants from Texas pulled into Port Authority Bus Terminal in Manhattan. On board the bus were 89 migrants, including children.

This latest arrival comes as the city struggles to provide shelter to both homeless New Yorkers and asylum seekers.

Mayor Eric Adams appeared on Good Day New York to address how the city had been dealing with the demand for social services.

"Not only does it overburden the system here in New York but it also is unfair for those who were shoved out of Texas and sent to Washington and New York City," Adams said.

Recently, the city's Department of Social Services has come under intense scrutiny after allegations from a former spokesperson who believes she was fired for trying to shed light on migrants sleeping overnight at the city's PATH intake center. Commissioner Gary Jenkins is accused of withholding information and then claiming he did know it was illegal for migrants to stay overnight at the intake center.

Adams told WCBS/880 Radio that Jenkins "did not attempt to cover it up."

"He immediately reported it to the deputy mayor. I respect Commissioner Jenkins's decision on who he wants to serve for him," Adams said. "And they were not fired because of their communication, and we should be clear on that."

However, there are new reports that city's Department of Investigation had launched a probe into these allegations. Fox 5 News reached out the DOI to confirm. The agency said it was "aware of the matter" but declined to further comment. 

In the meantime, Catholic Charities and other organizations say they are doing their part to help welcome asylum-seekers but their resources have also been severely strained by the demand.

"In the last four weeks we have seen over 1,100 people arriving at our offices," Monsignor Kevin Sullivan said.