NYC migrants executive order targets buses from border, Adams announces

New York City Mayor Eric Adams is announcing an executive order requiring charter buses transporting migrants to provide a 32-hour notice in advance of their arrival into the city, FOX 5 NY's Morgan McKay reports.

"We are also requiring that these charter buses arrive only between 8:30 a.m. and 12 p.m. Monday through Friday," Adams said during a joint virtual media briefing Wednesday with Chicago and Denver's mayors.

He said a failure to do so "will result in a class B misdemeanor, possible fines, lawsuits and even buses being impounded."

This comes after NYC saw 14 buses arrive in a single day, "the most ever recorded by officials at our intake center," according to Adams.

For more than a year, Republican governors like Texas Gov. Greg Abbott have been busing migrants from the southern U.S. border to Democratic strongholds like New York. The local authorities have said the influx of homeless, jobless newcomers is unsustainable.

Adams blames part of this surge on Abbott, "who promised to send an additional 25,000 migrants to New York City alone."

Many thousands more people, though, have gone to the northeast U.S. on their own, or been sent by social service organizations or municipalities.

NYC has had over 160,000 migrants enter its shelter system over the last year and Adams has repeatedly criticized what he sees as the federal government’s lack of action.

Adams said that New York City has already spent more than $1 billion in addressing the migrant crisis and is projected to need more than $4 billion in funding. 

During Wednesday's virtual briefing, all three mayors called for additional federal aid, a plan from the federal government to resettle migrants and expanded work authorization so migrants can get to work faster.

"The asylum seeker crisis is a national crisis that needs a national solution," Adams tweeted.

The Associated Press and Fox News contributed to this report.