NYC migrant crisis: Queens shelter targeted by anti-migrant protesters

Tense moments unfolded at the Par Central Motor Inn in Queens on Tuesday as a group of protestors allegedly targeted asylum seekers, demanding their immediate departure from the motel.

The incident left residents feeling intimidated and fearful, as they expressed concerns for their safety and the well-being of their children. The motel serves as one of the city's migrant shelters, providing accommodation for families with children.

"I felt intimidated by them, that I wanted to cry," said asylum seeker Jay Sanchez, in Spanish.

Sanchez, a mother of two, told FOX 5 New York that she had just picked up her children from school and they were returning to the shelter when the group approached them. 


"They were coming on to us, the shelter staff told us to get inside quick and were telling the protestor not to get close, but they still did," she said.

Cell phone footage captured during the incident shows the protestors waving American flags and wearing "Make America Great Again" hats. 

Niove Montaña, another resident staying at the motel, stated, "They were holding up signs and yelling at us. The only thing I understood was 'We don't want illegals here.'"

Protesters allegedly also took chalk and wrote "Arrest Joe Biden," "Democrats hate America," and "Corrupt hotel." on the sidewalk.

"We came here to do things right in pursuit of a better life for our families. We are not here to harm or take away from anyone," Sanchez said.

The children they say began to cry and once inside the staff told them to get into their rooms and lock the doors. Police were called to the scene.

 In response to the incident, a spokesperson for City Hall told FOX 5 in a statement:

"Any protest or event which endangers the wellbeing of vulnerable populations, such as asylum seekers, or attempts to intimidate them, especially for political gain, is despicable."