NYC migrant crisis: Community activist provides free rides for asylum seekers

In the midst of ongoing challenges surrounding transportation for asylum seekers, community activist Power Malu has taken it upon himself to offer a helping hand. His non-profit organization has stepped up to provide free rides from the Port Authority bus terminal to the Roosevelt Hotel.

The city's previous practice of consistently sending MTA buses to the bus terminal to transport asylum seekers to the midtown intake center has changed. Instead, recent arrivals are now given flyers with a map, directing them to make a 15-minute walk to the Roosevelt hotel. 

Malu and his organization believe that after enduring their long journey, these individuals should not be left to find their own way.

"They've already walked enough and they arrived to our city and the least we could do is welcome them with dignity," Malu told FOX 5 NY.

With hundreds of asylum seekers arriving daily, the city has had to limit the number of buses available for transportation, leading to the need for support from volunteer groups like Malu's.

Mayor Eric Adams has consistently voiced the need for more assistance from the state and federal government to address the ongoing crisis.