NYC martial arts gym sees spike in business since election

In New York City, more residents are taking safety into their own hands.

JKD NYC is a self-defense martial arts studio in Midtown that bases its teachings on Bruce Lee's martial arts. Owner Chris Moran said he has seen a 15-percent spike in business since the election in November. Many of the new students are women.

The studio teaches vital skills like weapons training, which shows individuals how to use everyday objects like umbrellas and flashlights as a form of protection. It also teaches striking and kickboxing classes along with Brazilian jujitsu -- all vital skills to keep yourself safe.

Hate crimes in New York City have increased 35 percent from 2015 to 2016 even though crime rates have declined during that same period, according to the NYPD. Mayor Bill de Blasio blamed President Trump for the spike.

Moran said that some of his clients started coming to him because they felt unsafe after the presidential election. Corporations called the studio to book self-defense courses for their employees, as well.

As a result, Moran has taken the extra steps to make sure people know his studio is a safe place for individuals of all ages, genders, beliefs, and color.

He said the spike in clientele shows that people are finding healthy ways to overcome stress and empowering themselves to be their own protector, something he sees as a positive.