NYC eateries with singular focus

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New York is a big place where you can get just about anything you want at any time. So some restaurants have decided the best way to stand out isn't to offer big, complicated menus. It's to do one thing -- and do it well. These are some of New York's singular sensations.

Only open a few years, S'MAC is short for Sarita's Mac and Cheese. Around here, your dish is served in a cast-iron skillet, and piping hot right out of the oven. You can choose from 11 different kinds of cheese and toppings like spinach, shitake mushrooms, even figs. Sarita is a former mechanical engineer who knew "if you build it, they will come."

The Meatball Shop specializes in, you guessed it, meatballs.

At Melt Shop, grilled cheese is king. Owner Spencer Rubin is taking his love of cheese and sandwiches straight to the bank. He started with one shop in 2011. Now he has six. 

At Rice to Riches, rice pudding rules. And almost everything is shaped like a grain of rice. Check out the fun signs. 21 flavors means there's something for everyone. The owner was inspired by gelato shops during a trip to Italy.

At the Macaron Cafe, the French sweet treat takes center stage. And while you can purchase just one, a box of six is standard. You can also get tiny personalized boxes, like one that says "bride and groom" or a pumpkin cutie for Halloween. The Macaron Cafe also serves amazing sandwiches and coffee, but trust me it would be a shame to leave without fulfilling your macaron fix.