NYC dog lovers rally to rescue beloved café Boris and Horton

After announcing plans to close both of their locations, canine enthusiasts of beloved dog café, Boris and Horton, have started a GoFundMe to try to keep the tails wagging through open doors.

So far the efforts have raised over $20,000. Meanwhile, the father/daughter duo behind Boris and Horton have started their own fundraiser and say they need to raise a total of $250,000 by Monday, February 26th to keep both café locations open.

"The community is crazy. I'm extremely humbled. I think dog people are the best people" says co-owner Logan Mickhly. "The East Village Cafe which has been open for about six and a half years needs some repairs and things like that. We also want to take a little bit of time to close both cafés and sort of work on our business model. Hopefully come back more sustainable and stronger — and during that time we want to make sure that we can pay our staff as well." 

Mickhly who co-owns the cafés with her father Coppy Holzman — which are affectionately named after their respective four-legged friends, pointed to various reasons for the struggles of the cafés including exorbitant supply costs, changing client behaviors, and the city's relaxed policies on operating businesses of this nature allowing for more competition.

For many dog lovers — the space however is not just a canine-crazed community but a home away from home.