NYC college student released from Dubai after being sentenced to prison over airport security incident

NYC college student Elizabeth Polanco De Los Santos, made her way back home on Wednesday after being spared a one-year sentence in Dubai.

The 21-year-old from the Bronx, was detained back in July after she was charged with allegedly assaulting an and insulting an airport security screener.

Detained in Dubai, a UAE legal expert, said the charges were bogus and a common practice in the country in order to extort money from travelers.

Elizabeth had been traveling with a friend when they had a layover in Dubai. When she went through security she had to remove a medical brace that she was wearing around her waist. 

When security allowed her to put it back on, she needed her friend's help but nudged the arm of one of the security screeners, which they considered to be an assault. 

On Tuesday, Detained in Dubai, said the U.S. State Department was involved and that the sentence had been suspended.

The department is in communication with Elizabeth and her family.