NYC coffee startup hopes to hire domestic abuse survivors

Nine months ago, Diana Saliceti left the corporate law world behind to go into business for herself. She really loved the idea of opening a coffee-based business because of how much she loves coffee. Her company is called High Bridge Cold Brew. It will produce 40-pound batches of cold brew coffee. Initially she will sell it through her website, local markets, and eventually home delivery. What will make her company truly unique are the employees she plans to hire: victims of domestic abuse.

"My goal is to provide job training and employment opportunities, increasingly as the company grows, to at-risk individuals with a particular focus on domestic abuse survivors," Saliceti said.

She further plans to give back to the community by being based in Washington Heights and the Bronx -- close to her Latino roots.

Now Diana is already working with a number of city-based organizations to find those types of employees that she can give some help to.

High Bridge Cold Brew will be available here in the city beginning this fall.