Why most Midtown residents are saying 'no' to a Times Square casino

A new survey by the No Times Square Casino Community Coalition found 71% of Midtown residents oppose opening a NYC casino at the cross roads of the world. 

According to the survey, four out of five residents say they are concerned about crime, quality of life and congestion. 

Mark Jennings is the executive director of Project FIND and part of the coalition pushing against the proposal. He says a casino in Times Square will do more harm than good.

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"People often think about Times Square and you think about all the tourist attractions and the theaters and the bright lights," Jennings said. "But you don't think about the people who live there and are there." 

Aside from an increase in crime and traffic, Jennings says a casino in the area can be financially troublesome for his residents. 

"Finances and the fact that many earn a singular income as their Social Security or other things like that in a casino right at their doorstep, would give them an opportunity to really blow that money and, and essentially undo years of things that they have done to put themselves on the right path," he said. 

A spokesperson for the SL Green, Caesars Entertainment and Roc Nation joint bid told FOX 5 NY

"Caesars Palace Times Square is an investment in New York, with deep support among residents, local businesses and the Broadway community."

"Alongside a new, world-class entertainment venue in Times Square, we’re prepared to make major investments in sanitation, safety, and traffic mitigation that will re-invigorate the Theater District and make it a place where New Yorkers and tourists again feel comfortable, safe, and the excitement that comes from being in the Greatest City in the World."