NYC Beer Week begins, features fermentation festival

New York City Beer Week features much more than just beer, including the Fermentation Festival.  It is a festival to celebrate fermentation.

A one of a kind party for this preservation included everything from the flavors of craft beer to hand crafted pickles from places like Brooklyn Brine Pickles.

The festival also included a mix of cured meats, a soothing sip of a Kombucha, Jun and Ginger Beers.

The unique blend was organized by Chris Cuzme for the start of New York City Beer Week.

The festival embraces the craft movement and gives opportunities for businesses to showcase their creations.

However, not everyone makes money. For instance, Jay Scott and his friends call themselves the Handgernades, and all their beer is made at home. 

Everyone shares their creations and celebrates the craft of beer and fermentation.