NYC banks locking up ATM vestibules to keep out homeless

It is getting harder for some people to access ATMs at night in New York City because banks are reportedly locking up vestibules that house the cash machines due to problems with homeless people.

From setting up makeshift shelters to using them to relieve themselves, ATM vestibules have become a nuisance problem at some Midtown Manhattan banks.

They are responding by locking the doors.

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The Post reports that some branches of Chase, City National Bank, and Citizens have been locking their doors as early as 10 p.m.

Most banks didn't respond to the Post but Citizens admitted that it is locking some up.

"Like a number of other banks, we have temporarily closed some ATM vestibules overnight at certain New York City branch locations where we have seen repeat activity that could present a potentially dangerous situation for our customers or colleagues," a spokesperson told the paper in a statement.