NYC anti-noise crusader claims victory over late-night deliveries

One New Yorker wants the city that never sleeps to sleep—at least when he sleeps.

"Bam! 1:30 in the morning you hear it," Upper East Side resident Mike Edison said. "Sounds like a bomb or something—really, really loud."

The 70-year old anti-noise crusader has lived in a seven-story apartment building for over a decade. But he said over the last 10 months, delivery truck after delivery truck has visited the corner Rite Aid, Starbucks and the Duane Reade across the street to pick up and drop off goods all while he was trying to get some shut-eye.

One of the delivery workers was even caught on cell phone video laughing when Edison claimed he asked them to keep it down.

"The law's very clear: you're not allowed to make deliveries at 1:00 or 1:30 like Rite Aid was doing," he said.

Edison has since taken action by penning multiple letters to each company threatening a lawsuit and calling them "negligent in their duty to follow New York City after-hours noise codes."

Edison said every one of them agreed to stop.

"We never actually went to court," he said. "They all settled."