NY state trooper kills gunman in frantic shootout on highway

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A New York State Police sedan with several bullet holes in the windshield. (New York State Police)

A 30-year-old man who had stolen his mother's car opened fire on a New York State Police vehicle with a military-style semi-automatic rifle on a highway in Broome County on Monday night, authorities said.

Trooper Timothy Conklin returned fire right through the windshield of his patrol car, police said.

The armed man, identified as Nicholas Philhower, exited the stolen car, headed at Conklin, and continued shooting, police said.

Conklin reloaded his weapon, got out of the cruiser, and fired back again at Philhower, who was hit several times. He died at the scene, authorities said.

"Trooper Conklin sustained a minor shrapnel injury to his upper right arm and was taken to Wilson Hospital in Johnson City where he was treated and released," State Police said in a news release.

The chain of events began when Philhower's mother reported her car stolen and requested that police arrest her son, police said.

When Conklin spotted and approached the stolen car on Route 17, Philhower drove over the median, stopped, and opened fire at Conklin through the back window, police said.

Police released a photo of Conklin's vehicle showing at least 15 apparent bullet holes in the front windshield.

Authorities are investigating the circumstances of the shooting, as is standard procedure.