NY immigration group to challenge Trump's latest travel ban

The U.S. Supreme Court has canceled arguments set for October in the dispute over the president's travel ban. The move comes after the White House rolled out an updated version on Sunday.

The New York Immigration Coalition is firing back at Trump's third travel ban. The second ban, announced in March, expired on September 24. The latest version replaced it. This ban is indefinite.

It keeps travel restrictions for visitors and immigrants on Iran, Libya, Somalia, Syria, and Yemen. But it also adds North Korea, Venezuela, and Chad.

The president said the travel ban is necessary for national security but the Immigration Coalition and others call it a farce and say it is a Muslim ban, plain and simple.

North Korea doesn't allow its citizens to leave the country. The ban affects just government officials in Venezuela. And Chad is primarily Muslim.

The separate ban regarding refugees is expected to expire October 24. An announcement from the trump administration about an extension is expected in the near future.

The New York Immigration Coalition is already working on a lawsuit to try and stop the president's latest travel ban.