NY Gov. Cuomo seeks support for gun bill

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Monday morning proposed new legislation called the Red Flag Gun Protection Bill that would allow parents and teachers to get a court order to prevent students suspected of being a danger to themselves or others from getting guns.

Linda Beigel Schulman was emotional as she thanked the governor.

"He's addressing mental health," Schulman said. "He's addressing the fact that if we can prevent people who possibly could harm us with their guns, that we should take care of that first."

Schulman's son, Scott, was one of 17 killed in the Parkland, Florida, shooting earlier this year by a gunman who previously had displayed signs of mental illness.

"Protect students, protect teachers, protect parents, protect students who would hurt themselves," Cuomo said. "That's what the Red Flag Bill is all about."

The Assembly is expected to debate the bill on Tuesday. The legislation would enhance school safety by allowing officials who see warning signs to get help.

"This could have totally been prevented had someone called in the fact that they knew that he had problems," Schulman said.

Coliseum Gun Traders owner Andrew Chernoff said he doesn't doubt the issue of mental health. He just questioned the governor's timing.

"The idea we have a mental health issue in our state or our country is absolutely true," Chernoff said. "But to lump the guns in with that becomes a political agenda."

At least six states, including Florida, have some form of the law already in place. Supporters said they are hopeful it will save lives.

"I think teachers taking proactive measures is something that is necessary in order to make changes in our future," student Genna Knoll said.

"This isn't about taking away Second Amendment rights," said Rita Kestenbaum, a gun-control activist. " This is about commonsense gun laws."

Cuomo hopes the bill will pass in the Senate before the legislative session ends on June 20.