NY Democratic primary heats up: Rep. Jamaal Bowman faces strong challenge from George Latimer

More than $22 million has been spent in the contentious Democratic congressional primary between two-term incumbent Jamaal Bowman and Westchester County Executive George Latimer.

The race has drawn national attention as Bowman, a member of the group of progressive lawmakers in Congress known as "The Squad," attempts to fend of the challenge in a race that has become defined by the war in Gaza between Israel and Hamas. 

Bowman called for a ceasefire, which caused the American Israel Public Affairs Committee to pour over $12 million into the race in support of Latimer in response.

When asked, Bowman says that he supports the release of hostages, but reiterated the need for a permanent ceasefire. 


Jamaal Bowman vs George Latimer election preview: What to know

Congressional races in New York have played a critical role in determining who controls the House. Recent polls show Latimer ahead of Bowman, just days before primary day.

"Even if we were to get Hamas using these methods, we will just give birth to another generation of extremists," Bowman said. 

Latimer says that Israel has a right to defend itself and openly condemns the Hamas terrorist attack on October 7, but says that negotiations are incumbent on the president and his team.  

"While negotiations are going on, I don't think it's helpful for those of us outside the negotiating process to comment about what we think should be discussed at the table," Latimer said.

When it comes to domestic issues, the pair are not quite as divided.

In regard to the over 200,000 migrants who have come to New York in the past two years, Latimer says there needs to be more border security but would also like to see Congress make immigration policy a priority. 

Bowman, meanwhile, called the issue a major challenge but agreed that there is more the federal government can and should do.