NY anti-Islamic law rally, counter-protest face off angrily

NEW YORK (AP) - People protesting Islamic law and counter-demonstrators expressing support for Muslims have clashed verbally in New York City, where police have stepped in between the two groups.

Later, a man collapsed while watching a speech at Saturday's anti-Shariah ACT for America rally. The fire department said he went into cardiac arrest and was taken to a hospital.

The protests unfolded amid similar demonstrations around the country. After some of the New York counter-protesters crossed a street and approached the rally, officers stood between the groups.

The anti-Shariah demonstrators yelled, "Commie scum!" The counter-protesters shouted, "Nazis!"

Participants in the anti-Shariah rally say they're worried that Islamic law could influence U.S. courts and harm women, among other concerns. Counterprotesters say the rally is stoking unfounded fears and stirring racism.

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