Nuptial trends inspired by the royal wedding

The elegant Baccarat Hotel was the perfect backdrop to talk about the royal wedding of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry.

Modern Luxury Weddings magazine has its finger on the pulse.

Meghan always wears minimal jewelry, so we think she'd approve of a simple ring and bracelet. And for an off-the-shoulder look, certain earrings provide just the right amount of sparkle.

Now from the traditional to the modern.

How is an elaborate marble dance floor for out of the box? According to the websites Wedd Luxe and Loverly, a customized dance floor is all the rage. And so is a customized aisle.

And if Fluffy and Fido are part of your life, they can also be part of your wedding. Turns out man's best friend can double as groom's best man.

Whether your taste is cutting edge or royal, don't forget the biggest trend of all—true love.