Number of cops killed on job doubles

The FBI reports that the number of law enforcement officers who were killed on the job nearly doubled last year over the previous year.

According to statistics released Monday, 51 officers were killed in 2014.  Only 27 officers were killed in 2013. 

The 51 killings were slightly lower than related figures from 5 years prior (2010) and ten years prior (2005).

The average age of the officers who were murdered was 39 years. The victim officers had served in law enforcement for an average of 13 years. All 51 officers were male. 47 of the officers were white, two were black, and two were Asian/Pacific Islander.

Of the 51 officers feloniously killed, 11 were killed while answering disturbance calls, nine were conducting traffic pursuits/stops, seven were ambushed, seven were investigating suspicious persons or circumstances, five were conducting investigative activities (such as surveillances, searches, or interviews), four were killed in arrest situations, four were involved in tactical situations, and three were handling persons with mental illnesses. One officer was killed in an unprovoked attack.

Guns were used to kill 46 of the 51 victim officers.

Law enforcement agencies identified 59 alleged assailants in connection with the killings. 50 of the assailants had prior criminal arrests, and 11 of the offenders were already under court  supervision.

Another 45 law enforcement officers died in accidents in 2014, according to the FBI.

In addition to the deaths, 48,315 officers were also victims of line-of-duty assaults.