NTSB wants to lower blood-alcohol limit for motorists

The weekend is here. Maybe you want to celebrate or unwind by going out with friends and having a drink. If you have more than one drink an hour you may be putting yourself at risk of being over the current legal limit -- .08 percent blood-alcohol content -- to drive a car. You could be charged with drunk driving if you are stopped.

The NTSB would like to see a person's blood alcohol content be even lower before getting behind the wheel. The agency would like to see it lowered from .08 percent to .05 percent.

The idea didn't go down well with some customers at a bar on Long Island. The bartender here thinks a change like that would hurt his business.

The group Mothers Against Drunk Driving has no position on whether to lower the legal limit. The group just wants to remind you of something if you are going out to drink: decide on a different way to get home as opposed to driving the car.